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Top 3 Mistakes ALL Internet Marketers Make… And How to Avoid Them!

Mistakes. We all make them. But in the world of internet marketing, it seems that very few of us are willing or able to rebound from them. In this article we will discuss the most common of these mistakes, as well as one simple action you can take to turn it all around.

Internet marketing presents us with perhaps the greatest opportunity to make a full-time, passive income that the world has ever known. If done intelligently, there is very little risk involved, almost zero overhead required, and the leveraging opportunities are just insane. Yet many of us fail miserably at it. Why?

In this article, I will present you with a list of the three big mistakes that I believe most would-be marketers make.

These mistakes prevent far too many of us from making it big online, and if only they could be avoided, I am confident that far more success would be enjoyed by far more work-at-home entrepreneurs.

Luckily, this article will also present you with some advice on exactly how to correct these mistakes. And the really good news? It’s not complicated in the slightest. In fact, I’m sure you will notice a common theme amongst these 3 mistakes, which my proposed solution tackles, effectively correcting all 3 mistakes at once.

So let’s begin…

Top 3 Mistakes Internet Marketers Make:


1. Lack of focus, or too many projects at once. The bottom line is that the internet is full to the brim of opportunity.  You can make so much money from so many different business models and monetization sources that it can drive you nuts.   And for many of us, that’s exactly what happens. We go nuts.

Email marketing, affiliate marketing, Adsense, CPA, PPC, SEO, physical products, digital products, our own products…AAAAAGH!

Just stop the madness already! It is far too easy to work on a project for a day or two only to abandon it in
favor of something that you think will be faster and easier.

Unfortunately, too much dabbling leads to a whole lot of busy work, paltry results, and a disheartening number of incredibly jaded marketers!

2. Impatience. This plays on mistake 1. I believe the reason we so readily jump from one project to the next is that we want immediate results. When method A takes up a week of our time, yet we don’t see any money coming in from it, it is far too easy to abandon it in favor of method B, which clearly “must be” a faster option.

3. Analysis paralysis. Let me ask you a question. What’s easier, writing 10 keyword-optimized articles, commenting on high PR blogs, launching a backlinking campaign, and remaining consistent day in and day out… or watching some marketing videos and browsing through the latest WSO’s?

The truth is, most of us have more than sufficient skills to make it as online marketers, yet through a lack of
confidence and an abundance of laziness, we keep trying to convince ourselves that continually “feeding our minds” with IM knowledge is an effective use of our time. But is it really? Does your bank account support this belief?

I’m sincerely not trying to be rude or hurt your feelings in any way. I just know how damn easy it is to get sucked into thinking we’re being productive when we’re actually not. So please don’t kid yourself. It’s called internet MARKETING, not internet VIDEO WATCHING AND E-BOOK READING.

My Proposed Solution:

Do you like things simple? I sure hope so because there is absolutely nothing complicated about what I’m telling you here. Yet it is so profound and effective that it may just change the way you look at your marketing career. Here is my challenge to you…

Work, work, and work some more.

Pick a business model that makes sense to you and your current situation. Do you need money fast? Then don’t go with an Adsense or Amazon business model because that will take you at least two months to see any spendable money. Go with Clickbank products or even better, your own product (WSO, anyone?). Maybe you need to do some freelance writing for a while. Or build a list. Or whatever.

Again, just choose the business model that you’re willing to implement with everything you’ve got… and then FORGET about everything else. If you’ve got an internet marketing course that you really love, go back through it and follow the steps diligently, provided you are confident in their effectiveness. Block everything else out of your mind. There are no other options UNTIL you’ve succeeded with this one!

Above all else, make sure you’re having fun. The internet marketing lifestyle can be a richly rewarding one, provided you’re willing to be richly rewarded. If you’re grumpy, stressed, anxious, or bored, then either the money won’t come in or you won’t appreciate it when it does. So get your head in the game, your business model fleshed out, and your work ethic up to snuff. This is a new day. Take advantage.

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