The Digital Elites Review

Today I am doing The Digital Elites Review because this program is sure to be one of the post talked about systems in 2016 in the internet marketing world. Is it a bunch of hype and smoke and mirrors or is this a valuable training you can plug into and get results with. Pleas allow me to make something clear about this make money online program.

There are 2 main components to this system:

1. Done for you marketing system – For the technically challenged or the time challenged people that just want to plug into a proven system and earn profits quickly. 
2. Affiliate Marketing Training & Mentorship – For the Do-It-Yourself types that want to use the training to promote any affiliate program or business opportunity 

You’re asking yourself, “Is The Digital Elites Program too good to be true?”

Now if you are looking for a review that encompasses every aspect of TDE then you landed on the right page.

Name: The Digital Elites
Price: $47 founding member special during launch (AFTER launch $7 for 7 days then $47/mo)
Owners: Chuck Nguyen & Andy Luong
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

Who is Behind The Digital Elites Program?

Chuck Nguyen and Andy Luong are the 2 guys behind The Digital Elites. These are the 2 guys who are also behind a multitude of other courses and programs such as No Brainer Profit System, The Affiliate Challenge, Underground Traffic Hacks, Blogging Traffic Formula, Authority Traffic Blueprint and The 30 Days To Massive Traffic system.

Andy LuongThe Digital Elites - Andy LuongThe Digital Elites - Chuck Nguyen & Chuck Nguyen



At the time of this writing, TDE is set to launch in October 2016.  This system is designed to help those who desire to achive massive success from affiliate marketing but are a little lost on where to begin.  

Chuck & Andy are part of a small group of proven internet marketers that are commonly referred to as “Super Affiliates.” They make the majority of their money from affiliate marketing and not from creating products.   Affiliate Marketing is exactly what they are doing, they use various techniques and strategies that flood their “Affiliate Sales Funnels” with prospects, leads and commissions on a daily basis.

What is The Digital Elites?

It is a well structured, 9 Core Modue system That You Get Access To Immediately When You Join The Digital Elites Today…

The Digital Elites Review

The topics covered are:

  • Done For You Marketing System – Opportunity To Clone His Exact Marketing System. He is going to reveal exactly how you can clone the exact $10,000 per month marketing system that he personally uses.
  • Private Mastermind Group – Access To The TDE Mastermind Group where you will be able to mastermind with members who share the same goals and visions as you.
  • Ongoing Mentoring/Coaching – Life Time Updates & Ongoing Training where you continue to receive ongoing high quality traffic & conversion training videos.
  • Beginner To Advance Traffic Training – Exclusive Traffic & Commission Program You’re able to leverage our team to do all the traffic for you while YOU earn commissions.
  • The Millionaire Mind Transformation Vault – You’ll discover how to be more productive and how to eliminate procrastination forever.
  • Private Question & Answer Sessions – Every month, Chuck will be hosting a question & answer session to answer any questions you have.
  • How To Profit BIG With Email Marketing – Finally discover the underground methods the top marketers use to keep commissions hitting their bank account from sending out email.
  • Ability To Earn BIG Commissions ($300-$1000)

Take A Look inside The Digital Elites Program

The Digital Elites
by Chuck Nguyen

The Digital Elites Review

Who Is The Digital Elites Perfect for?

Your TDE membership  is designed for the beginner but has modules available for more advaced affiliate marketers.  If you are a beginner then you will want to plug directly into the done for you system and take immediate action on the step by step plan that is laid out for you.  If you are more advanced and already have the tools and some previous training then you will want to get your hands on some of the upsells for sure.

If you are a beginner or a struggling online marketer and need some direction, then the (TDE) program will walk you through from some basic training on how to buy a domain name, set up web hosting, set up autoresponders to some advance marketing strategies.

What Do You Get In The Digital Elites?

Done For You System – $47 (Only During Launch)
~~After Launch $7 Trial & $47 per month ~~

  • Clone the Exact 6-Figure Marketing System that generates all the commissions
  • Ongoing Traffic & Conversion Webinars To Make You More Money.
  • The Digital Elites Private Facebook Community!
  • Exclusive Traffic & Commission Program
  • Access To Our Monthly Questions & Answers Sessions To Get Unstuck.
  • Instant Access To The Millionaire Mind Transformation Vault.
  • Big ticket commissions ($300 – $1,000) from our high converting back-end products.

Pros & Cons of TDE

Let’s take a look at the PROS of TDE:

  • With the affiliate program, you do not have to buy the higher levels in order to earn commission (BUT YOU SHOULD BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME!)  You can learn and earn a lot instantly once you clone the system.
  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! You don’t need a background in web design or marketing to get started here. The training and tools are designed for anyone to use regardless of prior knowledge.
  • Up to date training, they never fall behind the times.
  • Clear Plan of Action. All forms of paid advertising are covered – be it Facebook, Bing, Adwords and other PPC advertising.
  • Best of all you don’t have to go through the process alone, there’s LOTS OF SUPPORT from the Facebook group. There’s always people willing to help you out whenever you have questions.
  • You are not required to by any additional products to implement the training and earn commissions
  • There is a actual business model “Affiliate Marketing” that once implemented is proven to work.
  • This training can (and mostly is) used to promote OTHER businesses/products/services and opportunities.
  • Real customer support
  • There is a Money Back Guarantee


What I have listed below is what I believe “SOME” people might view as a con, so I thought I would list them here.  I realize that for some people, money is really tight and you want to know what all the costs will be before you make a purchase.  Affiliate Marketing is a real business and must be treated as such, otherwise you will not succeed.

  • You must purchase two additional tools (Totalling $56 a month) to clone the system:
    Autoresponder – (I prefer Aweber) however it also works with also.  This is so you can build the most valuable assets in internet mareting… “YOUR EMAIL LIST”
    Leadpages – This is so you can clone the exact system Chuck uses in ALL of his campaigns.  This makes it plug & play simple to swipe and deploy winning campaigns.

Bottom-line – can you make money with The Digital Elites Membership Program Or Is It A scam? 

The Digital Elites Review

Yes, you can make money with it – and NO, it is not a SCAM. The training courses inside The Digital Elites membership is second to none as it is continuously updated to reflect changes in the industry.

The level of training available within TDE stands alone when compared to any other training platforms I have come across, especially considering the price. Literally, just about every topic relevant to internet marketing is covered in this course for the specific purpose of making you an expert in that field, even if you’re starting from scratch.

You aren’t on your own with this $47/month membership program. Don’t waste time making mistakes that others before you have already made. Learn and copy from the 2 super affiliates exactly what they do.

What Exactly Do You Do As a Member of The Digital Elite?

Great question.

When you become a member of The Digital Elite coaching program, you will be receiving the best training possible to become a top affiliate marketer, but what exactly does that look like?

To be completely honest, not what you may be expecting in particular if you have been sold on the idea of the $49 top tier business 21 step program .  

This is a coaching program where you can choose the path that best fits what you are looking for.  Remember, as I said earlier…

There are 2 main components to this system:

1. Done for you marketing system – For the technically challenged or the time challenged people that just want to plug into a proven system and earn profits quickly. 
2. Affiliate Marketing Training – For the Do-It-Yourself types that want to use the training to promote any affiliate program or business opportunity you are already a member of!

This is not like most programs you see online where you join and your only goal is to recruit others to join the program.  This is FIRST and FOREMOST training to become a successful affiliate marketer.  

IF you decide to promote TDE then you will earn commissions for each and every sale you make.  There is NOT a downline, upline, sideline, sponsor or anything remotely resembling a MLM/Multi-Level-Marketing scheme.  This is a product that you consume to learn how to market OTHER programs.

The training primarily revolves around you finding digital information products that you like and become an affiliate for.  Once you do become an affiliate for your chosen product, TDE shows you how to go about make a lot of sales of that product.  You will find these products on,, to name a few.

My Opinion & How I Recommend You Get Started

The Digital Elites is an awesome program in the hands of someone who really desires to succeed.  This is a comprehensive mentorship program that will pay you huge profits when you actually implement the coaching.  

This is the program that I personally recommend to my friends and family when they ask me how I make money online.  There are not any surprises or gotchas to worry about.  Absolutely – hands down it’s the easiest product to recommend that I’ve ever encountered. I was really, really surprised at what a great product it was. I truly believe in the course content at The Digital Elites or else I wouldn’t be a member.

I have personally experience the level of care and support that Chuck Nguyen & Andy Luong have for their members.  I will challenge anyone to find a more comprehensive well thought out mentorship program to succeed as an affiliate marketer anywhere online.

Stop searching and looking for your legit Internet Marketing opportunity.

You have just found it –  GO FOR IT – Sign up here and try it… for $47

….and then tell me what you think. You will never know what you have been missing until you step foot inside of The Digital Affiliates.

If you read the digital elites review and end up not liking it or deciding it’s not for you, well then, there’s no pressure to stay. But I truly think you will like it within the community, it has so much to offer you.

The Digital Elites Bonuses

If you want to learn how to make money from affiliate marketing and decide to pick up The Digital Elite through my link, then I will also provide you with the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 : Email Contrarian Report :

  • The best defense against garbage solo ad sellers! Guaranteed that you never experience a financial loss again with a Solo Ad!!!(I am comfortably guaranteeing this… no hype… proven facts, baby!)
  • What the wisest, richest and most successful Solo Ad Buyers “do” that sets them apart from the everyday solo ad buyer that keeps them generating profitable traffic 24/7(This will blow your mind!)
  • The pure magic of direct response selling and how to use it to become the greatest thing since sliced bread to your subscribers!(Yes, becoming a better salesman is key to increased profits – free advice :-))
  • Surprise finding: Why buying Solo Ad Seller resource guides may be “hurting” your bottom-line!(Yes, that last product you bought with a list of solo ad sellers is losing you money not making you money)
  • What every Solo Ad Buyer should know about the state of mind of the common solo ad subscriber that’ll sky-rocket profits, and maximize retention rates!(This is what no one teaches about solo ad traffic)

Bonus #2 : Email Contrarian Swipe Bonus :

  • Never suffer from writers block again when writing solo ad copy!
  • Add proven email templates to your swipe file to leverage forever!
  • Perfect compliment to the Email Contrarian Report

Bonus #3 : The Practice Sessions: Get your hands on proven to convert emails to use for practice sessions outlined in the course. Do the work with these bad boys and you’ll be cranking out big $$$ emails in no time!

The Digital Elites Review

If you have any information about The Digital Elite Course that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Digital Elite Review below.

How Yo Get The Digital Elites Review Bonus?

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Send your receipts to and you will receive your bonuses within 24 to 48 hours.

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