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3 Fast Ways to Create Your Own Digital Product In Less Than a Day

Digital Product Creation

Affiliate marketing is great. CPA advertising can pay the bills in a big way.

Adsense revenue can snowball into a very lucrative passive income.

But nothing in the entire world of internet marketing quite compares to the pride of ownership, control, and fantastic
earnings that creating and selling your own digital product can provide you with.

This article outlines three different ways to start selling your own digital product within just one single day!

The internet is ripe with viable income opportunities. Some people sling affiliate products on Craigslist and forums
all day long. Other folks spend their days hunting down low-competition, high search volume keywords in an effort to
achieve great search engine rankings for their Google Adsense sites.

And others invest their dollars in pay-per-click advertising, trying (sometimes successfully) to strike it rich by
building their lists and promoting CPA offers.

Yes, the ways a person can cash in from the incredible power of the internet are almost endless. So why is creating
your product so much more powerful than virtually any other “make money online” method? In a word, control.

In this article, we will cover a few of the specific benefits that digital product owners enjoy day in, day out. I will
also reveal three amazing ways that you can get a product of your very own up and running within 24 to 48 hours!

But first, the benefits of owning your own product(s):

* You set the price

* You make the rules

* You can have an army of affiliates working for you

* You can build a buyer’s list (the holy grail of email lists) very quickly

* You build a reputation for yourself

* You can eventually launch a big product and make millions!

* You can include affiliate links in your product for even more dinero

* You ALWAYS get credit for the sale; no lost commissions

These were just a few of the upsides that came to the top of my head. There are undoubtedly others.

Now in all fairness, there are a handful of not-so-great things about being a product vendor. Mainly, customer service.
If you don’t like dealing with customers directly, then the idea of handling complaints, refund requests, and questions
may not seem like your idea of a good time.

Luckily, there are ways around this.

Simply hiring a small team to do all this stuff for you is an option.

Okay, so let’s cut to the chase. How can you get your own product created quickly? First, let me just tell you that
this list does not cover coming up with a product idea, picking a niche market, or anything like that. You can
certainly find that information elsewhere.

Instead, I’m just talking about the product creation process, and three incredibly efficient (and pretty smart) ways of
going about it.

3 Ways to Create Your Own Digital Product In Less Than a Day:

1. Purchase a PLR ebook and quickly rewrite it.

This is a pretty common and insanely powerful way to create a viable product quickly. All of the content is already
there for you. Just go through it, changing some words, structure, and whatever else you feel like changing. Add your
own footer to the bottom of each page. Add your own affiliate links.

Put your name on the sucker and call it your own.

Get a new cover and graphics made for you at Fiverr.com for next to nothing. Put it up on Clickbank, create an
affiliate resources section, and price it to sell. Viola! You’ve got a product that you can begin cashing in on

2. Compile 30 to 50 pages of PLR articles.

You could really even get by with fewer pages. Just make sure that the content is of very high quality and that it
really has the ability to solve your customer’s problem. Organize the content. Rewrite anything that needs it. Then
follow the advice above to get it up and making you money.

3. Be a forum reporter!

This is very powerful, as it allows you to create a quality product that actually provides your customers with
real-world information and strategies, as opposed to just a bunch of unproven theories. Make a list of the most
frequently recurring questions (usually the title of each thread).

Then, simply go through the threads and another list of all the good answers given by the posters who are replying to
these questions. Organize your data and put it in a pdf. There’s your product!

3 Ways to Create Your Own Digital Product – Conclusion:

The truth is, you can very easily take these three different methods of digital product creation to new heights when
you realize that there are countless ways in which you can actually package your product.

Nobody ever said you’ve got to limit yourself to just writing ebooks. You can make videos, audios, and even charge a
premium by converting your product into physical format (cd series, dvds, physical manuals, etc.) and actually shipping
it to your customers.

I have seen products that would have otherwise sold as a digital download for 67 bucks being shipped as a physical
product for $447, not including upgrades! Think outside the box. You’ll find that making a top-quality info product in
record time can provide you with more benefits than virtually any other type of internet marketing ever will.

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